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Basketball - NBA bets

NBA - Winner



NBA 22/23

Boston Celtics 6.25

Phoenix Suns 6.75

Golden State Warriors 7.25

La Clippers 7.50

Milwaukee Bucks 7.75

Los Angeles Lakers 12.00

Miami Heat 12.00

Philadelphia 76ers 15.00

Dallas Mavericks 21.00

Memphis Grizzlies 22.00

Denver Nuggets 22.00

Toronto Raptors 27.00

Brooklyn Nets 28.00

Minnesota Timberwolves 40.00

New Orleans Pelicans 43.00

Chicago Bulls 55.00

Atlanta Hawks 55.00

Portland Trail Blazers 85.00

Utah Jazz 100.00

Cleveland Cavaliers 110.00

Charlotte Hornets 120.00

New York Knicks 120.00

Washington Wizards 275.00

Sacramento Kings 500.00

San Antonio Spurs 500.00

Orlando Magic 500.00

Indiana Pacers 550.00

Detroit Pistons 550.00

Oklahoma City Thunder 700.00

Houston Rockets 700.00



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nbaThe North American National Basketball Association (NBA) is the world’s toughest basketball league. 30 teams – divided into the Western and Eastern Conference – play in the regular season for playoff tickets, where they clash for the prestigious Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. With 17 titles, Boston Celtics hold the record for the most trophies. After Golden State Warriors two-year-long regime, Toronto Raptors dethroned them quite sensationally. History written by the Canadian franchise, with their first ever NBA title!

If they can do it again this season is a question on its own. Kawhi Leonard, the MVP of the finals, left Toronto and signed for Los Angeles Clippers. He can now lead another franchise to glory alongside superstar Paul George! And one should take the local rivals into account as well: poster boy LeBron James and Anthony Davis have the chance to lead the Lakers to glory! Milwaukee Bucks featuring MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden’s Houston Rockets or Philadelphia 76ers also have a serious chance. All set for a spectacular and extraordinary NBA season! Enjoy all odds and a great variety of offers, including live betting, for NBA at Interwetten!